We evolve brands for tomorrow's world.

4am is a collective of forward-thinkers on a mission to ensure businesses stand the test of time.

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4am: the elite of working Miami are waking, attacking the day without regard for compromise.
4am: the artist at work cannot listen to criticism — she is inaccessible now.
4am: the end of the day for those crazy enough to take things that far.
4am: the beginning of a new day for those eager enough to see it.

We’re not fond of paradigms; we make waves that change the direction of the current.
To dream awake is to walk the line between order and chaos, destroying old notions to give life to new ideas.

Miami is an expression of audaciousness, and so are we.
Our clients share both an attachment and a destiny with this magic city.
What sets them apart?
They dream awake.

What we do



Bearbottom Clothing

We evolved a trendy apparel company to be a vintage, timeless brand. Armed with a new website and visual identity, Bearbottom will change the way people bear shorts.

Mend by Tend

We built a brand that's fit to be a household name for generations to come. Beautifully designed hand-drawn icons and a well-crafted user experience draw doctors and patients to this one-of-a-kind pediatric telemedicine platform.

Design Builders

The roofing industry in Miami just got a face-lift. We designed this website for English and Spanish speaking audiences, which includes eye-catching visuals to deliver an unparalleled experience.

Mad Social

We branded an established agency whose clientele includes some of Miami's biggest players. With its impeccable user experience and mind-blowing visuals, this site will make you go mad.


DRKT makes visual content straight to the point - so we made a website that does just that. After you experience their breathtaking work, this is a site you'll want to keep revisiting for inspiration.

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